The final match of the Miss Universe contest will be held on Sunday, May 16, 2:00 pm. Poland will be represented by 23-year-old Natalia Bigua, who in the past has overcome illness and lost a lot of weight, now has a good chance of winning!

The event will take place in Miami, Florida and it will be the 69th edition of the competition, and Poland will only participate in the 37th place.

Our actress – Natalia Bigua, whom friends call “The Pill”, is by no means a novice to the topic of beauty contests. When she was 15 years old, she competed in the Elite Model Look competition to subsequently work as a model.

The disease thwarted the plans of the promising model. Natalia gained a lot of weight and had to give up her career. But she never gave up. She devoted a lot of work and strength to getting back in shape and fighting for her dreams again.

In 2019, she won two titles – Miss Lodz, and then the first runner-up in Poland. Then she traveled to Colombia to win the Miss runner-up there International Cafe Queen. Now is the time to take on the biggest challenge of her career – she will be competing in the Miss Universe contest!

I discovered this great opportunity at the last minute. The nomination came only a month and a half before the final. Meanwhile, it turns out there’s less time! Pandemic restrictions did not allow Natalia to fly to Florida directly from Poland. Our representative only had one day to pack up and travel to Panama, to show up in the United States on May 7 at boot camp.

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The final stages have already begun. On Friday morning, Poland time, Natalia introduced the national costume prepared for her by Agnieszka Lechańska from Mona Lissa’s salon in Lodz. It was inspired by the knights – the armor-like body, wings, and a huge white and red flag looked amazing and aroused great emotions. The party had a very large audience.

In contrast, the final creation was designed by Viola Piekut. The handcrafted ornate red design aims to emphasize the Slavic beauty of Polish women. May it bring her happiness.

The 23-year-old has a great chance of winning. The current list definitely puts her in the top twenty!

Will you cheer up?