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Right hand drive car

On December 31, 2021, the transition period for Great Britain’s exit from the European Union structures ended. Since the new year, this country is no longer a member of the European Union, and therefore many different economic changes have taken place, which have affected the lives of ordinary people and entrepreneurs. One of the important changes for people importing cars from the British Isles is the change in the registration process for so-called “Englishmen” in Poland. What is it actually about?

The regulations in place in Poland for several years allow the legal registration of right-hand drive cars. This relates to amending Polish law with the rules in force in the European Union. Thanks to the relevant regulations, Poles have the right to register vehicles imported from the territory of an EU member state. In order for such a car to be registered on the territory of the Republic of Poland, it must be structurally adapted to traffic. In the case of cars from Great Britain, some technical modifications are sufficient to make the car legal on the road. For example, you need to measure or convert the speedometer from miles to kilometers per hour, install the right-hand traffic lights, move the fog lamp to the left side from the back, and look at the side mirror inserts (the field of view should be larger on the left side) . After these changes, you must go to the diagnostic station to get a diagnosis Positive result of the examination and operation of the vehicle.

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In the case of the “English” who were admitted to traffic by a diagnostic doctor, the officials in the communication departments issue positive decisions regarding registration, if we have a set of fees and the required documents. But after Brexit, an important change occurred. Brexit means that vehicles registered in Great Britain as early as 2021, after being imported into Poland, will no longer receive approval for registration. On the Vistula. Britain is no longer in the European Union. The Polish Chamber of Vehicle Inspection Stations has confirmed that positive decisions will be issued regarding cars registered in Great Britain by December 31, 2020 (when the UK was still in EU structures), or in the case of new cars.

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