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The UK plans to tighten rules that, according to the governors, will make it easier to prosecute road pirates. The state authorities are planning to deal with drivers eager to use their mobile phones while driving. According to local government representatives, there are too many accidents when the driver holds the phone in his hand.

Great Britain tightens rules for drivers

Currently, UK laws are fairly broadly worded and prohibit texting and talking on a mobile phone while driving. The exception is emergency situations on the road, when the driver really has to use a smartphone. From 2022, the regulations will become more precise, in order to make it easier to impose penalties on drivers.

How is the BBC The regulations will include, among other things, a ban on shooting and searching playlists from a smartphone. This means that drivers will not be able to, inter alia, choose your preferred track in the streaming application. And not only while driving, but also during traffic jams or when stopping at traffic lights. The BBC adds that it is also forbidden to take pictures with a smartphone and play games on mobile devices.

Drivers will still have the right to make hands-free phone calls and use satellite navigation, but only if the smartphone is properly secured in the car mount. However, the driver must at all times “exercise appropriate control of his vehicle”. In the event of a dead stop, it is allowed to take the phone out of the holder to pay with it, eg at the charging window.

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Drivers will face severe penalties for breaching the new regulations. The police will impose fines of £200 (1,120 PLN) and six penalty points.

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