– The United States supports the creation of the Union of Ukraine, Great Britain, Poland and the Baltic States – From Juliana Smith, Permanent Representative of the United States to NATO.

According to Smith, Washington wants to bolster NATO’s response capabilities on the eastern side.

So if NATO members are broken down into partnership formats or groups that can help build capacity and work together to strengthen the Alliance, we want to support it. Smith said.

The idea of ​​the alliance comes from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who revealed in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera that he made a similar offer to Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to Kyiv. Johnson spoke with the President of Ukraine about a new political, economic and military alliance that could provide an alternative to the European Union.

The creators do not hide their critical attitude to the decisions taken in Brussels and criticize the Germans for their incomprehensible reaction to the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

According to information revealed in the media, the new model of the European Community, which is being pushed by Prime Minister Johnson, will be led by the United Kingdom, which is currently outside the European Union. The new community is set to include Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and in the future also Turkey.

Kyiv did not reject the British proposal, but refrained from accepting it at the EU summit to be held on June 23-24. Then the leaders of 27 countries will be asked to decide whether to grant Ukraine candidate status for EU membership.

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The media is speculating that Schulz, Macron and Draghi’s visit to Ukraine should lead to the transfer of an alternative proposal to Zelensky, which would be to offer Ukraine as a candidate for the EU.

Source: Stefczyk.info for Ukrinform Author: red

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