According to Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) bears a lot of responsibility for the recent problems in Afghanistan. “It is clear that the German Federal Intelligence Service underestimated the situation, as did other services,” Maas told Spiegel on Friday.

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No one can seriously deny the existence of wrong decisions.”

Maas stressed that intelligence services “inform each other and receive false assessments from each other. This must change. In the future, the results of other services’ research must be analyzed very intensively. Good faith decisions were made on the basis of these flawed reports. But the results were wrong.” With dire consequences.”

No one can seriously deny that you made the wrong decisions

Maas tells SPIEGEL.

We have to deal with all of this. From specific events of the past days and weeks to political issues that concern us in Germany, but also in the international community. The people of Afghanistan who turn to us and want one thing above all: help now

The Minister confirms.

Maas said Maas is convinced that “defeat in Afghanistan should not lead us to completely abandon our responsibility in the world in foreign and security policy,” but that “Afghanistan should not be allowed to repeat itself.”

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Heiko Maas is considering resigning?

Asked if he was considering resigning, the politician said:

Believe it or not, there’s only one thing I’ve thought of in the past few days, which is to learn from the mistakes we’ve all made and to ensure that as many people as possible leave Afghanistan. It is (…) the responsibility of everyone who participated in the events of the past days and weeks.

How many refugees does Germany expect

When asked how many Afghan refugees are now expected, the head of the Foreign Ministry said that “in the Ministry of Interior there are numbers ranging from 500,000 to five million. At the moment, no one can seriously expect their number. But there will be more refugees, that is for sure.” .

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