After We Fell is the third installment in the popular “Po” series, which is based on the third novel of the same name in the “After” series by Anna Todd. Voltage Pictures officially released the trailer for After 3 yesterday, and release dates have been announced along with the official announcement.

After We Fell is set in most countries in September of this year, the movie should be available on Netflix after its first theatrical release. Later in this article, we will be publishing all the available details about the upcoming sequel to After We Collided.

After We Fall: Official Trailer, Release Date, OTT Launch, and More

Official Announcement

The producers released the official one-minute teaser for After We Fell on Valentine’s Day in February of this year. Little was later revealed until yesterday when Voltage Pictures released an official teaser trailer.

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When after our fall in theaters?

The film is scheduled to reach cinemas in most countries in September.

  • September 1: Italy and Poland
  • September 2: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine.
  • September 3: Spain, Finland, Norway, Romania, Sweden and South Africa
  • September 9: Australia, New Zealand, Hungary
  • September 10: Canada and Bulgaria
  • October 13: South Korea

After the premiere, We Fell is scheduled for release around September 30, 2021 or early October in the United States. And in the UK, France and other Asian countries, release dates will be announced later.

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When will we be after we fall on Netflix?

Still image from the trailer (Image via Voltage Pictures)
Still image from the trailer (Image via Voltage Pictures)

The producers have only announced theatrical release dates, and the film is expected to appear on Netflix at least two to three months after its premiere. So fans of the After series can expect the movie to be released in late November or December of this year. However, there was no official information about the official launch date for the broadcast.

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After 3: Cast and Summary

Josephine Langford plays Tessa Young in After 3 (Image via Voltage Pictures)
Josephine Langford plays Tessa Young in After 3 (Image via Voltage Pictures)

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin will reprise their roles as Tessa Young and Harden Scott in the third film in the series. In addition to the main pair, other characters from After We Fell play:

  • Louise Lombard Jaco Trish Daniels
  • Rob Estes Jaco Ken Scott
  • Ariel Kebbell Jacko Kimberly (replaces Ariel Kebbell)
  • Perdomo opportunity Jaco Landon Gibson (replaces Shane Paul McGee)
  • Frances Turner Jaco Karen Scott (replaces Westbrook cream)
  • Kiana Wood Jaco Nora
  • Carter Jenkins Jaco Robert
  • Mira Sorvino as Carol Young (replaces Mira Sorvino)
  • Stephen Muir Jaco Christian Vance (Replacing Charlie Weber)

The third film in the After series aims to complicate the already complicated relationship between Tessa and Harden after discovering some harsh facts about her and the Hardin family.

Viewers are advised to bring napkins as After We Fell promises an exciting and emotional ride on a rollercoaster. Despite the obstacles, fans will definitely work to ensure that Tessa and Harden eventually get to stand together.

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