Wells’s opening rugby match in the fall against France looks set to continue on October 24th despite the city being completely closed for now.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced a curfew tonight, ordering people to stay indoors after 9 pm – the exact time the Wells match starts in 10 days. A state of emergency has been declared in the country.

This announcement comes amid a massive increase in the numbers of Corona virus in the country, with another 22,951 infections confirmed on Wednesday. There were 19 724 new cases in the UK.

Macron said in a televised address to the nation that the curfew will take effect from Saturday and last for at least four weeks.

It comes in the form of a dispute between the French rugby union and the first 14 clubs, That threatened the gameSeems to be heading towards a solution.

The French clubs refused to release their players to participate in the match, under the pretext that the scheduled six international matches were not acceptable. At one point, it looked as if France might have to put in a team of U-20 and Division 2 players.

But L’Equipe report now A compromise solution would see France pick two teams of 31 players for the six games this fall, with one group playing the first three games while the other three playing the second. It remains to be seen what the lineup will be like, with talks continuing late Wednesday night.

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Wells will head to Paris next weekend before the game on Saturday.

The night curfew will apply to the capital, Paris, and its suburbs, as well as to Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Saint-Etienne, Rouen, Toulouse, Grenoble and Montpellier.

Anyone breaking the curfew will be fined 135 euros (£ 121).