The village of Kujawsko-Pomorskie has changed a lot in recent years. Small towns are nothing like the ones that existed 20 years ago. The development of infrastructure and the creation of places conducive to social integration and recreation make villages populated by more and more people. This is due to local governments that care about the development of their small homelands, using, among other things, Provincial Self-Government funds from the Rural Development Program (RDP). Until Friday (January 15), there was another call for support requests in the construction of, among other things, new playgrounds, walking paths, outdoor gyms and the development of parks and the subsidy could reach half a million zlotys.

In Kujawsko-Pomorskie, we have supported activities aimed at revitalizing public space for many years. The resources of the Rural Development Program are complementary support to the funds we have at our disposal under our regional operational program. Projects that beneficiaries implement on the basis of support change the face of our cities and villages. It is a special opportunity for those cities that do not yet have any entertainment or sports infrastructure –Says Marshal Piotr Kaubecki.

Local governments in rural communities, as well as urban, rural and urban communes with a population of less than 5,000 people, may apply for support for projects in the field of public space formation. Aid can be used, among other things, to build gazebos and small architecture for outdoor recreation, and to create outdoor gyms, places to play football, minigolf, and public playgrounds. The support will also enable the development of green spaces, revitalization of parks, the establishment of educational paths, walking paths, and the renewal of squares around community centers, community centers and places of social integration.

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In the RDP pool, there are 10.5 million PLN on the new call. The maximum subsidy amount for the local government is half a million zlotys. Aid will be awarded up to 63.63%. Project eligible costs.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is currently working to increase the limits of funds available under the Rural Development Plan 2014-2020 to conduct “basic services and village renewal in rural areas”. According to the amendment, the funds for the “Formation of Public Space” competition could be increased to 21 million PLN.

Funding requests can be submitted by Friday (15 January).

So far, RDP funds for tasks in shaping public spaces in rural areas and small cities in our region have enabled the implementation of 18 projects of this type. Permissible support is, among other things, the revitalization of the city park in Dobrzy V on Vistula (Lipno poviat), the assembly of an outdoor gymnasium at Choce Cho (Włocławski poviat), the development of the vicinity of the village club in Sitno (Golub-Dobrzyński poviat) and the creation of a bicycle city with Recreation area for the elderly in Cheuov. ).

Beata Krzyminska Spokesman for the Marshal’s office

Jacek Smarz photo of UMWKP