Kamala Harris is the right arm of President-elect Joe Biden. Shortly after the good news was announced, the lawyer spontaneously called the Democratic candidate with good news. The recording of this conversation spread around the world and became an occasion for discussion of the US presidential election.

The attorney, and soon the Vice President of the United States, unlike the other women in politics, have very different approaches to the fashion issue. A few weeks ago, it was loud that Harris loves wearing her sneakers, whatever the occasion. Thus, you have proven that you can stay true to yourself while in a high position.

Speaking at a recent election rally, with symbolically decorated sneakers, Kamala Harris showed once again that she has no intention of changing her approach or choosing contemporary solutions – sneakers are an idea of ​​self-identification. So it’s not surprising that Harris appeared on the cover in his favorite shoes in the latest issue of Vogue.

In the pages of the magazine, the future vice president indicated what was her priority. She also remembered her talk after the announcement of Joe Biden’s victory – she always felt ready to do the impossible.

We read: “I was thinking of my little nieces who would know only one world, in which a woman would be the Vice President of the United States, a woman of color, a black woman, a woman of parents born outside the United States.”

Kamala Harris is of Hindu and Jamaican descent. You mentioned it a lot and won the sympathy of many Americans. In her famous speech she spoke of racial exclusion – Harris intends to change the face of his country for the better.

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“I represent my mother, I represent my husband. This country is more than two centuries old, and our country must show diversity, and diversity means leadership in all races, in all colors. It is time for change,” said one of the lawyers at Vogue.

Additionally, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden intend to focus on fighting the Coronavirus after taking office. The vice president absolutely wants to distribute the vaccine, and he also intends to help small businesses survive the pandemic.

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