The Polish national team will leave the MotoGP semi-finals next Wednesday. Raffaie Dubroque has just named a tough team for this competition.

Tomas Janiszewski

Bartosh Zmarzlik

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / Pictured: Bartosz Szmerzlik

From this year onwards, directors finally have complete freedom of action regarding their appointment. At Speedway of Nations, they had to designate at least one competitor under the age of 21 to fight, and then give him at least one opportunity to compete. From this year on, this not very serious rule has disappeared from the rules of the tournament, thanks to which you will gain the scenery and level of competition itself. Nothing is imposed on team leaders up front.

Thus, Ravi Dobroque, like almost any other coach, can assign the top three players to the team, and this is not a big deal – in this case there were three top players. Team captain Piao Cirunic surprised nothing and appointed captain Bartosz Smarzlik, Maciej Janowski and Patrik Dudek to compete in Fugens.

Perhaps the most dangerous opponent for Poland in the semi-finals in Denmark will be Australia, where there was no place for Chris Holder. The lineup included his younger brother – Jack.

The battle for third place will be interesting. Latvia will travel weaker than no injured leader, Andrei Lebedev. The Germans, who based their team on the riders of the Landshut team, have a taste for success. Finland also cannot be deleted. Stocks in the United States and Ukraine are by far the lowest.

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Three teams will compete in the final on Saturday 30 July. The first two places will be automatically upgraded after 21 races, that is, six series. 3rd vs 4th will run an additional playoff for the last place awarded with a promotion.

Speedway of Nations first semi-final lineups:

1. Kay Hockenbeck (captain)
2. Norick Blodorn
3. Eric Reese
Agent: Herbert Rudolph

1. Bartosz Zmerzlik (captain)
2. Maciej Janowski
3. Patrick Doddick
Agent: Raffaie Dubroque

United States of America
1. Luke Baker (captain)
2. Brooke Nicole
3. Dillon Rommel
Agent: Steve Evans

1. Francis Justus
2. Yevgeny Kostegov (captain)
3. Oleg Mikhailov
Real estate agent: Władimir Rybnikow

1. Timo Lahti (captain)
2. Timmy Salonen
3. Jesse Mostonn
Agent: Peter Janson

1. Jason Doyle (captain)
2. Max Frick
3. Jack Holder
Agent: Mark Lemon

1. Marco Luisen
2. Stanislaw Melnychuk (captain)
3. Vitaly Lisak
Real estate agent: Wasyl Melnyczuk

Limit: Wednesday 27 July
Tournament start: time. 19:00

The second semi-final match will be played on Thursday, July 28. It will be visited by Great Britain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Slovenia and Slovakia. Especially the team defending the British national team title is impressive and alongside Denmark which secured a certain place in the finals (due to the role of host), they seem to be the toughest opponents for the Poles in this year’s edition of SoN.

MotoGP second semi-final lineups:

Czech Republic
1. Vaclav Milik (Captain)
2. Jean Kfish
3. Peter Schlubeck
Agent: Zdenek Schneiderwind

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Great Britain
1. Ty Woffinden (captain)
2. Robert Lambert
3. Daniel Bewley
Directors: Simon Stead and Oliver Allen

1. Dimitri Berg
2. David Bellejo (captain)
3. Matthew Trisario
Agent: Laurent Sambarrey

1. Fredrik Lindgren (captain)
2. Oliver Berntzon
3. Victor Balovara
Real Estate Agent: Morgan Andersson

1. Paco Castagna (captain)
2. Nikola Covati
3. Daniel Tesari
Real estate agent: Alessandro Dalla Valle

1. Martin Vaculik (captain)
2. Jacob Falkovic
3. Patrick Bury
Real estate agent: Jakub Zliechovec

1. Matic Ivacic (captain)
2. Nick Skorga
3. Anzi Germic
Agent: Gregor Arnsek

Limit: Thursday 28 July
Tournament start: time. 19:00

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