Fans are hostile to Anna Heizer because of the mutant Omicron: she shoots hard!

Due to the Omikron mutation, Namibia is also a variable region for the virus. Anna Heizer’s Christmas travel plans are upside down!

Namibia – The new omicron mutant keeps the world in suspense. The new coronavirus variant is now infecting 31-year-old Anna Heizer and her young family hard. Heathers are not affected, but native Namibia is otherwise affected.

Anna Heizer (31 years old) in an Instagram post. © Instagram / Screenshot / anna_m._heiser

Because it is located on the border of South Africa, the alleged place of origin of the Omikron mutation. For this reason, the Federal Republic of Germany has designated Namibia as a changing region for the virus along with South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Eswatini, Malawi and Lesotho.

The birthday plans for Anna, 36-year-old Gerald and son Leon were initially thwarted, as revealed over the weekend by a Polish mom on her Instagram.

The couple planned to spend only two days in Germany before going to Poland. But for now, everything is upside down. The family is helpless. On the other hand, some fans seem to know just what’s best for Heisers: they should stay in Namibia for the holidays!

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Anna does not like it at all. She responded to this suggestion in her Instagram story and is very upset that some of her followers have accused her of being “selfish”.

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Besides, there are other fan prejudices that Anna will put her son in danger and “obviously sucks for Omikron”.

The participant in “Namibia sucht Frau” responded with several arguments: “Namibia is not South Africa. We currently have an incidence rate of 2.3. Not because there are no tests here, but simply because it is summer and hardly anyone gets sick. Namibia is three times larger than Germany, where you don’t want Family go, but Poland.

Very clear: Heiser will come to Poland at Christmas, if it is legally possible.