Princess Charlotte showed character. The video of the show in which she scolding her little brother went viral.

Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II It started on June 2 and will run through Sunday, June 5. Preparations for the King’s Day continued for a good few months, because such occasions do not happen often, and the beloved parade of the elderly king has not been held in the past two years due to the epidemic.

On this occasion, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry came with their children to Great Britain after two years of absence from court. It will be the British royal family’s first chance to meet Lillipet, who ends the year on Saturday. The girl was born in Los Angeles, and her parents have only returned to Great Britain once since then and have been traveling without children.

The festivities began with a big parade, and the children of Kate and William were the main stars. It turns out that during the wagon ride, Charlotte showed the character.

Princess Charlotte showed her nerves at the Queen’s parade

The grand celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee began with a parade of colored troops, which was attended by family members, including. Kate and Princess Camilla, who traveled together in the white coach with George, Charlotte and Louis, and Prince Charles, Princess Anna and Prince William, who rode horses in uniform.

During the trip, Charlotte showed her character. While Louis took into account that he should greet the assembled people and waved wildly to the crowd almost all the way around, his older sister felt compelled to hold him back a little and lowered her brother’s hand.

Stop waving, Lois, she was whispering to the little boy.

Louis did not mind the scolding, and happily continued to wave to the assembled British. Everything is clearly visible on the shared registration on the network. You can see that the little princess took the role a lot and showed that she has personality.

Immediately after the solemn procession, Queen Elizabeth appeared, as was the custom, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to greet the people celebrating with her and watch the parade of the British Air Force. There was also Kate and William with the kids. This time little Louis was the star and he showed a lot of grimaces, eventually getting frightened by the sounds of jet engines and covering his ears with his hands.

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