Dangerous insects attacked crops in the Primorsko-Astarsky region. Records of locust swarms are available on the Internet, among others from the Nowyje Limanokirpili farm. Russian media reported that the situation concerns an area of ​​2.5 thousand square meters. Hectare.

The authorities are trying to solve the problem. They claimed that the pest was destroyed in an area of ​​\u200b\u200b1.5 thousand. Hectare. At the same time, they explained that due to unstable weather, locust larvae hatch unevenly. Moreover, it occurs in floodplains, in the water protection zone, where the use of insecticides is prohibited.

Ukrainians, noticing an epidemic of locusts near their borders, write about the “revenge of nature” for the invasion of their country. There are also comparisons with the calamities of Egypt, that is, the misfortunes that God sent to Egypt are described in the Bible.

Mariupol adviser Peter Andryoshenko said that locusts attacked the vicinity of the Primorsko-Akhtarsk airport, from which Russian military aircraft bombing the Donetsk region leave daily.

Airplanes from here dropped bombs on the operating room and maternity hospital. So far this cursed city is under attack by the Ukrainian locust fighter. It’s just an invasion that they can’t do anything about. “Nature itself takes revenge on Mariupol,” wrote Anryushenko in Telegram.

Sources: kubnews.ru, Telegram

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