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The US midterm elections are imminent, as Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the New York City Election Commission, outlined the electoral work of the media on day three, explained how to circle votes and explained the principle of interpreting the voting machine. Photo by Central News Agency correspondent Yin Junjie in New York at November 4, 111

(Central News Agency correspondent Yin Junjie New York special telegram on the third) The US midterm elections are fiercely competitive, and New York City voted early. This is the largest city in the United States. Barrier-free translation and facilities for the voting process must be in place. The importance of network security is also increasing day by day, and the electoral work is full of astonishment.

The 8-day voting campaign is a midterm test for US President Biden, and the results of state and local elections affect the political map of different places. New York City voted in advance from October 29 to November 6. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the City Elections Commission, and his deputy, Vincent Ignazio, explain the electoral work to foreign journalists in New York today.

With approximately 4.7 million active voters in New York City, more than 1,230 polling stations and 35,000 electoral staff will be established on polling day, as well as up to 9 days of early voting, ensuring a smooth, safe and secure election is a daunting challenge.

Lane said there will be at least one police officer at each polling station, and the city’s Board of Elections has also required private security to maintain order and work closely with New York City’s Emergency Management Unit.

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In the age of advanced technology, the cybersecurity of the voting process has become more and more important. Lin said the committee’s internal staff worked closely with New York City’s cyber leadership, and were monitored 24/7 by an outside vendor. The New York State Election Commission recently followed up to ensure smooth horizontal communication between relevant agencies and local election commissions to facilitate coordination of safety work.

He stated that July 2016 was a turning point for New York City to strengthen the security of its electoral network.

At the time, there were only a few months before the US presidential election, and reports of security threats to the elections came in one after another. Although New York was unaware of the actual cyber attack, it began to raise its awareness and invest resources in securing the electoral system.

“We have to be quiet, because people with bad intentions only have to succeed once, so we were worried about fear. We have a good network of federal, state, and local communications in this area, which until 2016 was nearly impossible to list,” Lin said.

In order to enhance security, each machine entered into the ballot is independent and disconnected, and criminals can only defeat it individually. If someone attempts to tamper with the machine’s vote count results, the election authority will determine that the voting machine has been tampered with.

New York City is ethnically diverse, the Electoral Agency provides ballot translations according to federal regulations, and in addition to English, there are Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Bengali. Translators are assigned to the polling station, and all text and site contents are translated and compared.

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The Municipal Election Commission also attaches great importance to barrier-free facilities, and each polling station has at least one device for marking ballot papers, so that people with vision and dexterity disabilities can receive appropriate assistance when rounding ballot papers.

Ryan, who served for nine years, described the 2016 US presidential election as “interesting.” That year, Republicans pressured Trump, who was later elected, and Democrats led by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton (Hillary Clinton) came out, the two and their families were from New York, and they had to take into account security issues when voting, as well as make sure that others could vote smoothly.

But Lin said the 2020 election was unforgettable for him due to the turmoil caused by COVID-19.

He said: “The epidemic has been a big problem for everyone, and some people have died because of it. During the epidemic, our office was not closed for a day, and we maintained operations with a significantly reduced workforce. Election is full (Editor: Gao Zhaofen) 1111104

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