The US-UK-Australian security partnership aims to promote stability in the Indo-Pacific region in the face of growing Chinese influence.

US President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday (15/09) the creation of a new security partnership between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia to promote stability in the Indo-Pacific region as China expands its influence and military power. Prime Ministers Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson effectively joined Biden after announcing closer cooperation.

Today we are taking another historic step towards deepening and formalizing the cooperation between our two countries because we are all aware of the imperative of ensuring long-term peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. (…) This initiative aims to make sure that each of us [każde z trzech państw – przyp. red.] It has the latest capabilities to maneuver and defend against rapidly evolving threats Biden said.

The US and UK will also help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines, which will make it easier for the Australian Navy to counter Chinese units.

The three countries also plan to deepen cooperation in areas including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and quantum technology. The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia as well as Canada and New Zealand are already sharing intelligence in this area thanks to the Five Eyes Alliance.


Susanna Ptaszyńska

Student in International Relations and American Studies at the University of Warsaw, passionate about the history of popular culture and all things British.