Florida is facing the effects of a tropical storm. In Miami, torrential rain blocked the streets, and emergency services had to help many people stranded in flooded cars.

anyway Storm Tropical Alex did not gain enough strength to turn into a hurricane, seriously hampering the lives of people in Florida. On Friday night, torrential rain flooded the streets of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, blocking traffic in some neighborhoods.

Tropical storm in MiamiReuters/Miami Fire Rescue

Underwater part of the state

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), Tropical Storm Alex brought winds of up to 64 kilometers per hour and torrential rain. Local sources reported that rainfall exceeded 200 liters per square meter in the coastal area of ​​Miami.

Heavy rains also caused flooding. Water ran out on some streets, and many residents got stuck inside their cars. The Miami Fire Department came to the rescue of the drivers to help the drivers safely get out of the vehicles.

Underwater MiamiReuters/Miami Fire Rescue

Rainy night, sunny day

It took several hours to remove traces of rainfall. From many places, abandoned, flooded cars had to be towed away – the owners were leaving cars in a panic, crossing waist-high water. There is no information on casualties and deaths.

Sunday in Florida would be much nicer. After heavy rain weather prediction It indicates that temperatures in the south of the state will reach 30 degrees.

Underwater MiamiReuters/Miami Fire Rescue

Reuters, NBC Miami, Accuweather

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Main image source: Reuters/Miami Fire Rescue