“He had the lowest ratings during this period of all contemporary presidents except for Trump. Research has shown that evaluation of the president’s activities is one of the most important factors influencing mid-term congressional elections” – confirmed USA Today.

The paper reports that support for Biden has declined, especially among independent voters who secured him a victory over then-President Donald Trump a year ago. Nearly half of those polled believe Biden has done a worse job than they expected as president. 46% think so. Respondents – including the 16 per cent who voted for him. In turn, independent voters (44%, including 6% of those who voted for Biden) believe his presidency has been worse than they expected.

A USA Today poll also revealed that two-thirds of Americans (64%) do not want Biden to run for a second presidential term in 2024. 28 percent share this view. Democrats.

At the same time, 58% oppose the re-election of former President Donald Trump. Participation in the survey, including 24 percent. Republicans.

“If elections were held today, respondents would vote for a Republican candidate for Congress rather than a Democrat by 46% to 38%. That would be a good omen for the Republican Party hoping to win a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate..) It only needs five more seats in the House. The House of Representatives and one in the Senate to control Congress,” she told USA Today.

The US Congress passed a bill on investments worth more than a trillion dollars

The daily reports that, according to 66 percent. For Americans, the country turned out to be in poor condition. Only according to 20 percent is it going in the right direction.

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The infrastructure bill, which passed on Friday with the support of both parties, was approved by 61 percent of respondents. She reaches 32 percent and one-third of Republicans have her supporters, according to a public opinion poll.

The law stipulates, inter alia: the allocation of about 1.2 trillion USD over 7 years, including 110 billion USD for the repair of roads and bridges, 66 billion PLN for railways, and 65 billion for the extension of broadband Internet , 65 billion to renew the energy network, 50 billion to protect against climate change and 40 billion for public transportation.

Americans, on the other hand, are deeply divided over the “Build Back Better” bill, which Democrats pushed for a cost of $1.85 trillion in Congress. 47 percent support it in the poll and 44 percent oppose it, writes “USA Today.”

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The newspaper notes that the project provides more than $500 billion in financing for climate change and clean energy. It would extend tax credits for families with children by one year, and expand Medicaid (insurance for the poor). It would add benefits for people with hearing problems to Medicare (seniority insurance) and fund affordable housing programs.

USA Today noted that Trump has not taken advantage of Biden’s problems. Two-thirds of respondents said their opinion of the former president had not changed, 14 percent. Better opinion about him, 19 percent. – Worse.