“It was a very serious security breach, and Andrews is investigating the incident to determine how it happened and how to prevent it from happening in the past,” Colonel Roy Oberhouse, deputy commander of Suite 316, was quoted by the newspaper. By The Associated Press. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced Friday that an intruder had entered the presidential military base. He added that this had happened the day before his arrival at Andrews President Joe Biden, who was supposed to travel from her to his home in Wilmington.

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Joe Biden: We need the most fleeting thing in a democracy – unity

Andrews Base. Intruder break in, “break into a machine”

As he knows News agencyAfter entering the base, the security forces arrested al-Dakhil, and then local authorities handed him over to trial – “However, earlier he managed to break into the base of one of the machines on the base.” It’s the C-40, a smaller transport plane that was on the 89th Andrews Wing, which is called – as reported by US media – President’s Wing. However, the machine was not used to transport Joe Biden – it was usually used by military commanders and members of the US Congress.

“Everyone takes this incident seriously and we will investigate it,” a Pentagon spokesman added, stressing that the US Air Force “ordered a comprehensive safety review of all its facilities” immediately after the accident.

The detainee was defenseless and had no links to extremist groups. It is not known what his motives were or how long he spent at the base prior to his arrest. He had a criminal record before – he had to execute two pending arrest warrants.

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Andrews Air Force Base is located 24 kilometers from the White House – it is where the units responsible for Air Force One (all the USAF aircraft the current President of the United States carries) are stationed with the codename. Presidents depart from Andrews Base, among other things on business trips. Most recently, Andrews Base was the place to be Donald Trump He formally ended his term and boarded Air Force One.