The Legendary Edition is to impress with lesser views below the belt.

  • Mass Effect Remaster will change the way you present female characters
  • Adjustments will affect scenes with Miranda and Mrs. Shepherd

The original Mass Effect trilogy has been criticized by some for dazzling the overly body parts of the female characters below the waist. Emerging Remaster creators argue that they will change the said item.

In an interview with Metro, director of updated releases of games – Mac Walters – advertiserThis legendary release is an opportunity to improve the showcase of the characters, especially Miranda, who dramatically display her lower body in the second part of the series.

A lot has changed since the first prototypes. I don’t know if I can say that we are very concerned about this issue, but we thought about it. Kevin [Meek, projektant postaci i lokacji – red.] He mentioned some camera shots … he started wondering why they were so focused on Miranda’s butt. So we decided that in some cases we’ll be making changes – he explains.

However, they did not want to modify the character’s model, since appearance is an integral part of her story – the players’ companion was genetically improved by the father. Therefore, the scenes were limited to a slightly different show.

The changes will also affect footage with the participation of Commander Shepherd, which may have been created with the male version of the hero in mind. It relates to the sequences in which the heroine sits in a position with her legs spread so wide that if she is wearing a dress, the player can notice her intimate members.

The creators will change the way Mrs. Shepherd is portrayed

“We can’t change this particular animation, but we can raise the camera, which reduces the problem a bit,” explains Walters. There are also plans for other, more subtle adjustments to make the female figure look just as good as its male counterpart. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be released on May 14th for PC and consoles.