The United States’ top nine justices (with three separate justices considered liberal) rejected the Biden administration’s proposal to block the ruling by Texas Federal District Judge Matthew Kaxmarek.

Judge Kaxmarek ordered the Biden administration to formally restore Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” program and the Immigrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

Under this program, thousands of immigrants wishing to come to the US from poor and crime-ridden Central and South American countries have to wait for their asylum applications to be processed by US immigration authorities on the Mexican side of the US border.

Migrants are forced to stay for months in very difficult conditions, often in the open air, to process their applications.

The judgment requires management to “take good faith actions” to re-establish the program. The administration demanded its closure, citing its inhuman nature.

The Supreme Court’s decision means that Judge Kaxmarek’s ruling comes into effect.

The Supreme Court recalled that in 2020 it rejected an attempt by the previous Donald Trump administration to repeal President Barack Obama’s deportation protection program for hundreds of thousands of so-called. Dreamers, that is, people who came to the United States illegally as children.

The court then found that Trump’s decision to terminate DACA was “arbitrary” and a violation of federal law.

Indeed—as legal experts point out—in both cases, the question is whether the federal government is legally canceling the programs of its predecessors.

After Biden took office in January of this year, he significantly limited the MPP program, which the republics of Texas and Missouri traditionally opposed.

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