US intelligence released a report warning of the dangers during a planned support rally on Saturday for those who attacked the Capitol in January of this year. These include threats to attack politicians, churches and institutions. Capitol Police appealed to services for support and called on members of Congress to stay away from the Parliament buildings on Saturday. National Guard forces are expected to arrive in Washington around Capitol Hill.

US intelligence warns in a report by the Department of Homeland Security that “there are threats of an attack on the Capitol Building” ahead of a rally in support of the far-right on Saturday for people who On January 6, they attacked the Capitol. Other threats related to attacks on politicians.

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There were also plans to attack liberal churches and Jewish institutions and even a proposal to kidnap a member of Congress on social media. The intelligence report did not reveal his name.

He stressed that the gunmen, members of far-right groups such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, might take part in the demonstration.

One hundred guards around the Capitol

The US Capitol Police (USCP) also announced Friday that there were threats related to the rally. It did not provide details, but requested the support of other security services. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin approved the decision to deploy 100 National Guard personnel to Washington around the Capitol.

Counter-rallies may be held in Washington, and there may be clashes between participants in various demonstrations.

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Police called on lawmakers to stay away from the parliament buildings on Saturday.

The Capitol is running againPAP / EPA / SHAWN THEW

An “alternative date” for the storming of the Capitol

CNN said Thursday that while Saturday’s rally is expected to attract fewer people than the Jan. 6 attack on Congress, its participants may be armed.

The rally in Washington is organized by Matt Brainard, a former member of Donald Trump’s election staff. The rally was called “Justice for J6” (Justice of January 6). The Associated Press reports that Brainard, who joined Trump’s group Look Forward America after the 2020 election, is trying to provide an “alternative story” for the attack on the Capitol and calls the arrested participants “political prisoners.”

Braynard is spreading false information about the outcome of last year’s presidential election, and is also raising money for the Trump campaign. Participation in this endeavor allowed him to earn at least $230,000, the Associated Press writes.

Trump has not officially endorsed Saturday’s rally, but released a letter saying that those who participated in the January attack on Congress were “unfairly persecuted.”

A new fence in the Capitol buildingPAP / EPA / Michael Reynolds


Soon after the attack on the Capitol, the vast majority of Americans – 90 percent. Assess that the participants in these events must be held accountable. In late August, a special House Inquiry Committee began investigating the January 6 attack.

Main image source: PAP / EPA / Michael Reynolds