I want to thank all Delaware residents for everything you have done for me and my family. She believed in me and decided to send me to the US Senate. This country loved us, our children and our grandchildren. He also loved my son Beau, and he reciprocated that love – Joe Biden started his speech. The president-elect spoke at the National Guard Reserve Center, named after his son, the late Major Joseph. R. Biden.

United States of America. Joe Biden on the historic presidency

During his speech, Biden made no secret of his feelings and interrupted them to suppress his tears. The winner of the presidential election in November recalled the beginnings of his career. “I remember when I went back to Delaware after studying law.” At the same time, Reverend Martin Luther King was killed. Then the National Guard patrolled the streets. I remember this when I decided to become a public attorney. He said this decision started my amazing journey.

The Democrat also recalled Barack Obama’s first victory in the presidential election. – 12 years ago I waited at the train station for a black man who took me with him to Washington, where we took an oath as President and Vice President of the United States, and now we are here and we go to Washington, where we will meet a black woman who will be sworn in as the first vice president in history Biden said of the United States.

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Then, while waiting for Barack Obama at the train station, I told my son Bo: Don’t tell me the world cannot be changed. This is America, this is Delaware, this is a place with unlimited potential, and I am honored to be your next president. And he continued: I will always be proud to be from Delaware.

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United States of America. Joe Biden says goodbye to his home country

In the final part of his speech, Biden moved clearly and referred to the words of dying James Joyce. – When James Joyce was dying, he told his friend: Dublin written in my heart. Well, forgive my feelings, but when I die I’ll write Delaware in my heart, said President-elect in tears.

Joe Biden concluded his speech, saying: “We love you, you have always been with us and I am proud to come from here and I am very proud to go to Washington from this place dedicated to my son, because he should be president.”