The spill may be the result of an oil spill from the oil production process into the ocean near Huntington Beach

There was a spill of about 3,000 people off the coast of Southern California in the western United States. Oil drums, which created a slick in the ocean more than 10 kilometers long. Dead birds and fish were found on a beach in Huntington Beach on Sunday. Mayor Kim Carr described the event as a “potential environmental disaster”.

Authorities 200,000 cities reported that oil had spilled onto the local beach where dead birds and fish were found. They added that despite their efforts in the morning, “the leakage hasn’t stopped completely yet.”

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– The oil slick is currently 5.8 nautical miles (about 10.5 km) long, authorities said in a statement carried by CNN.

Pipeline damage

Carr explained, citing information from the Coast Guard, that the spill may have been the result of oil being released during the oil production process into the ocean near Huntington Beach.

“The US Coast Guard directs action on the approximately 5.8 nautical-mile spill between Huntington Beach Pier and Newport Beach. The spill likely resulted from pipeline damage from a Beta Offshore-operated facility,” the Times of Sun wrote. Diego.

The newspaper pointed out that the leak caused severe environmental damage to the waters off Huntington Beach.

Residents should stay away

“Skimming equipment (technique for removing oil from the surface of the water – ed.) and booms have been deployed to prevent oil from entering Bolsa Chica Preserve and Huntington Beach Wetlands (…),” confirms The Times of San Diego.

The oil plume was first observed on Saturday after 9 a.m. local time. The Coast Guard assessed the leak as dangerous.

Because of the spill, Huntington Beach officials canceled the last day of the Pacific Air Show and urged residents to stay away from beaches in affected areas.

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