This unusual situation happened on Sunday in Great Britain. Visitors to the amusement park had to descend from the top of the famous 65-meter-high roller coaster, which collapsed halfway. A recording has been sent to the network that gives you goosebumps down your spine.

The Big One roller coaster, located in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, opened in 1994. It was then the highest and most severe railway in the world. I have maintained this record for two years. It is currently the longest roller coaster in the UK. The cable car is 65 meters high and over 1.5 kilometers long. Its speed reaches 119 km per hour.

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They had to get off the 65-meter-high roller coaster. This video gives you goose bumps down your spine

On Sunday, tourists who boarded the roller coaster The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach experienced real horror moments. The famous roller coaster has crashed while driving on a dangerous stretch to the top of the roller coaster. The amusement park staff had to climb building attractions and bring nervous tourists to safety.

A recording of this event has been released on the network, showing a group of people slowly descending.

The video posted on social media sparked a lot of emotions. “My brother is in Blackpool and he just posted a video of people stuck on top of the Big One and having to go down. I’ll be soldered to the seat. They’ll have to take me out with a craneرافع– Comments from a netizen.

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“Can you imagine you’re stuck in that line? I think I’m going to scream!” – He adds another.

You have to admit, the video is causing you shivers down your spine. Luckily All the tourists were disembarked safely and no one was hurt.