The United States finally responded to the Belarusian authorities’ grounding of a Ryanair plane with an exhibitor on board. The State Department warned US citizens against traveling to Belarus, and called on the Federal Civil Aviation Administration to warn US airlines flying over the territory of the country ruled by Alexander Lukashenka.

In a statement, a White House spokeswoman confirmed that stopping Ryanair was an “affront to international standards.” Accordingly, the United States re-imposed sanctions on Belarus after the 2020 presidential election and pacified subsequent democratic protests. As of June 3, 9 Belarusian companies will no longer be able to cooperate with American companies.

The statement also announced sanctions against members of the ruling camp in Belarus and gives the president the power to impose further restrictions on the country that Lukashenka rules.

Jin Psaki also remembersThat Washington has already condemned the hijacking of the plane with Bratacevic in the framework of several international organizations: the United Nations, NATO, the Group of Seven and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The United States demands an international investigation into this matter.

Stop the plane with Pratasiewicz on board

Let us recall that on Sunday, May 23, the Belarusian authorities issued an order for an emergency landing in Minsk of a Ryanair flight from Athens to Vilnius. Opponent Frank Wachzorka told BNS that Ryanair plane had to make an emergency landing الهبوط After the Belarusian army captured the MiG-29 fighter.

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was on board the machine Activist Raman Pratasevic. The man is an opponent and author of the Nexta and Belarusian channels on Telegram. Both files were included in the list of extremist activities prepared by the Lukashenka regime. According to information provided by the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior, the activist is currently being held pending trial.