The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spend more time in Scotland, at Balmoral Castle and at St Andrews, where they met while studying, according to the Sunday Times. The purpose of this special commission from the royal court of William and Kate is to strengthen relations between England and Scotland, as hopes for another independence referendum have not faded.

According to the Sunday Times, there is concern in the royal court that politicians are ‘losing Scotland’ and court officials believe the princely couple could serve as a ‘clear symbol of the relationship between England and Scotland’ and the newspaper reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend more time at Balmoral Castle and in the city of St Andrews, Scotland “as part of a strategy to save the UK from collapse”, where they met while studying at university. . – Advisers want William and Kate (…) to look not like guests, but like residents – said an interviewer from Kensington Palace, where the couple lives, citing the newspaper.

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Hope for a second independence referendum

The issue of Scottish independence resurfaced after that Scottish National Party victory (SNP) in the local parliament elections that took place on 6 May. Scottish National Party leader and Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon want a second independence referendum to take place in the second half of the newly elected parliament’s term.

However, the referendum must be approved by the British government, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes the country should now focus on recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridgestock struggle

“This place shaped me”

William and Kate traveled to Scotland last December, during which the Duke spoke about the importance of the country to him and his wife. He described her as “energetic, friendly, innovative and assertive”. – This place made me. William said of Scotland that the enduring connection I feel to him is rooted in my daily experiences with people, relationships, and the ethic of the neighbourhood. However, the royal guests were received coldly by the authorities.

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