If true, this would be the first known example of British opposition rz ± du Against the nomination of a potential ambassador United States of America in the UK. “Obama is unacceptable,” the source quoted Boris Johnson as saying.Sunday Express“.

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Unexpected phone calls from Barack Obama to Biden voters

Barack Obama’s ambassador? The government denies this, but a government source confirms Johnson’s objection

British spokeswoman MSZ He said that these reports are incorrect, and that the decision to appoint an ambassador to the United States belongs only to the Americans.

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A government source insists in the conservative tabloid The Sunday Express that it is “absolutely true that the government privately opposed Obama’s nomination”. Dailymail.co.uk Instead it draws attention to RealityThat there was no situation in the past in which a previous president was appointed to this position. Thus, the position of the US ambassador to the United Kingdom remains vacant, and the media suggests that Joe Biden Will wait until next year for a decision.

Barack Obama and Boris Johnson

tensions between them Obama a Johnson Appeared in 2016, while the referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union. Then Barack Obama visited London and warned that if London left the European Union, he would be at the bottom of the line in a trade deal with it United States of America. This was considered interference in the internal affairs of Great Britain.

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Boris Johnson, in turn, was said to have angered Barack Obama by suggesting that his distaste for Britain was partly linked to the then-US president’s Kenyan origins and British colonial rule. Johnson also stated that Obama removed a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office soon after he was sworn in. The White House said at the time that the statue belonged to the British Embassy and should be returned. But when Donald Trump became president, Churchill returned to his seat, even though it wasn’t the statue itself, he wrote. comprehensive.