25 June 2022, 10:51

PC owners won’t be able to play the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection bundle soon — according to Steam’s database, the title won’t be released until October.

game package Unknown: The Legacy of Thieves It may debut on PC on October 19 this year, according to information subscriber on SteamDB. This portal is based on data from the Steam database and has a lot of credibility, but it is better to treat the exact date with a reservation – it can only be the so-called vice.

New leak about Uncharted release date on PC, to change from Steam - clarification #1

About the fact that the group will go to computers, we know Since September last year, we still do not know the official release date of the package, which includes slightly updated versions of the game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End And an additional stand-alone feature Unknown: The Lost Legacy. In April, on the Epic Games Store Back Information that the address will be available from June 20That was quickly replaced by the “soon” puzzle. The SteamDB service mentioned so far has also indicated a different release date: July 15. The final date may change.

It is worth noting that the package Unknown: The Legacy of Thieves It has long proven itself on PlayStation 5 – users of Japanese equipment have been enjoying the adventures of Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer from January 28. Both versions – PC and console – were announced at the same time.

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Personally, I wouldn’t be impressed if the official information about the premiere was Unknown: The Legacy of Thieves In conjunction with the announcement of the new installment of the series. Thanks to the lead recruiter at Naughty Dog Studio, we know that the team People are neededWho will care about the legacy of the brand. We are waiting for more news on this topic.

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