Epic Games, via the Epic Games Store, does not give one or two games but 15 free games to celebrate the holiday season. More specifically, from December 17th through 2021, Digital Storefront for PC gives a free game every day. Each game will only be free for 24 hours, however, once you download it, each game will be yours forever.

At the moment, there is no information what these games will be like or whether users are expecting any big and big free gifts or not. However, Epic Games is usually very good at giving up only high-end games, unlike some other similar shows, such as Games With Gold and Amazon Prime.

Like every free game released via the Epic Games Store, there is no catch. All you need is an Epic Games Store user, who costs nothing but an email and your best password. Unlike the games mentioned above with Gold or PlayStation Plus, there is no subscription required, which means that not only is there no paid subscription blocking system, but as long as you keep the account, the games, once you download them, will never leave your library.

“We are preparing for the bidding season with the most festive sale of the year! The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale starts on December 17th, and we have some goodies in store for you,” says the Epic Games announcement. “Discounts up to 75%, but that’s not all …. Also starting December 17th, we’ll give out a new game every day for two consecutive weeks – that’s right, it’s 15 days of free games! Every game you’ll be free to claim!” Only 24 hours, but you can keep it forever. Happy Holidays (early), everyone! ”

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