we’ve got! He will play another mogul in the NBA. Jeremy Susan, who gave an interview in Polish to American media, will play for the San Antonio Spurs next season.

At first I was angry about it times Suggest that Jeremy Susan is a British player we’ll see in the upcoming NBA season. Fortunately, the first conference player selected in this year’s draft was quickly fulfilled. Jeremy is Polish, and his statement is the proof. See for yourself.

Jeremy Susan gave an interview in Polish to the American media

The 19-year-old was selected in the draft in the top ten. Jeremy flew very quickly to San Antonio to begin preparations for the new season. But the biggest surprise was that he answered the questions posed during the conference in … Polish. No wonder, because Jerem’s mother is Polish, Anita Suchan, who played for the Oklahoma State Panhandle, among others. We can see her in her son’s first training in the new team.

What can I say, I think that thanks to Jerem, the San Antonio Spurs will acquire many new fans from Poland. I keep my fingers crossed for career development – whether in the national team or on the dance floor NBA.

Jeremy Susan gave an interview in Polish to the American media.
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