Max Purcell and Matthew Ebden did a great job at Wimbledon 2022. The Australians were two steps away from withdrawing from the tournament, but they did reach the final and after a five-set battle, they defeated the defending champions, Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic.

Rafai Smolensky

Max Purcell and Matthew Ebden

PAP / EPA / NEIL HALL / Pictured: Max Purcell and Matthew Ebden

For the title in the doubles, the guys played Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic, seeded at number two, Matthew Ebden and Max Purcell marked “14”. Both pairs reached the final after great five-set matches in the semi-finals, where they had to defend the match balls, so an exciting match can be expected. On Saturday, the Australians were delighted with the victory, who defeated the Croats after four hours 10 minutes, 7:6 (5), 6:7 (3), 4:6, 6:4, 7:6 (2).

It should be noted that Pavic entered the final on Saturday due to injury. During the semi-finals, he fractured one of his right wrist bones. The Croatian is left-handed, but he had to adapt to the new situation. During the meeting, it was clear that he was doing everything to save his hand. It was especially difficult for him to get into the correct position when replaying.

The start of the match was very even. Perhaps the four were serving and the Australians were only having problems in the fifth. However, they refused three break points and the score was 3:2. Since there were no breaks in the first set, the tiebreak was decisive. In this game, Antipodes tennis players miss an effective attack with 5 points, and then use the first ball.

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Ebden and Purcell could have followed through on the blow that occurred at the start of the second installment. However, they failed to use two break points in the first match. Then the match was tied again and the four served very cautiously. The tiebreak turned out to be crucial again, with Mekti and Pavi getting a short break before switching sides. Then they quickly got three set pieces and took the first chance.

Only at the beginning of the third inning did the first breakthrough in the match take place. Purcell found himself in trouble after a double failure. Despite the failure, the Australians struggled to make up for the loss until the end. In the tenth inning, they were close to achieving that goal, but Pavic’s group pass remained muted. The Croatians saved their break point and used the fifth set ball. This put them 2-1 ahead throughout the match.

The fourth part of the meeting started with the problems of both sides. In the first half, the break point had to be defended by Ebden, and in the second match by Mekti. Later, the situation got jittery with the post 4 situation. However, the Australians kept their request to give a replay ceremony after changing sides. Three great moves gave them points for breaking and putting in balls at the same time. Purcell showed very clever play in the second and the scoreboard tied the match.

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In such circumstances, the fifth match decided to win the championship. The Australians had an advantage at first, but they weren’t able to break through. The turning point came with a Purcell pass in the fifth inning. The Croats scored two break points, and Ebden broke the ball when he was in danger. Mekti and Pavi took 3:2 and the only thing left for them to do was keep an eye on their interest. You failed, because Miktic had a break in the eighth game. The Australians tied for 4, but found themselves in dire straits once again. This time, Purcell was lucky that his rivals missed either of the two break points.

The antipodes tennis players came out at 5:4 and were on the verge of winning. In the tenth inning, they were only two points away from the title. However, Pavic kept serve and that was after 5. As there were no more breaks, the super inning decided the title. In this game, Ebden and Purcell constantly built an advantage. On the first change of pages, they were leading 4-2. Then they completely controlled their opponents and made seven balls for the match. At first, Ebden sent an ace, and the tennis players Antipodes were able to celebrate a great victory.

And there’s plenty to celebrate, because Ebden and Purcell enjoyed the Grand Slam premiere of doubles. At the Australian Open, Nick Kyrgios and Thanasy Kokinakis turned out to be better than them in the final. At Wimbledon, they became winners and went down in the history of the tournament. They became the first champions to defend match balls twice on their way to the title. They were close to dropping out in the first round (3 game saves against Goranson and McLachlan) and in the semi-finals (3 game saves against Ram and Salisbury).

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Ebden and Purcell also became the third pair at the Era Open, who returned from 0-2 in two sets in the Grand Slam competition and won the title. John Newcombe and Tony Roach (Wimbledon 1974) were the first to do so, followed by Rick Leach and Jim Pugh (Australian Open 1989).

Championship, London (UK)
Grand Slam grass field total prize money 40.35 million pounds
Saturday 9th July

My men’s husband is final:

Matthew Ebden (Australia, 14) / Max Purcell (Australia, 14) vs Nikola Mektic (Croatia, 2) / Mate Pavic (Croatia, 2) 7:6 (5), 6:7 (3), 4:6, 6 :4, 7:6 (2)

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