As of 2021, every Premier League club must have one player named “Rising Star” per match. The leadership of the association now wants to expand the youth development program further.

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Tom Brennan

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Training in the UK recently left a lot to be desired. This is about to change now. The “Rising Star” program will not only continue, but will also be developed. In accordance with the decision of the authorities of the highest league of this country – the Premier League, the eighth player will be added to the team who gains valuable experience.

After the main matches in the Premier League, there will be rounds of the Junior Premier League, so that the youngsters can skate more. The British League will be shown by Discovery (Eurosport), and the highlights of the match will be provided on the Quest platform. – Informs

Eurosport wants to develop young players from Great Britain thanks to the system supported by the Premier League. Thanks to this, the number of players will increase, and young people will have the opportunity to reach the highest level. Last season came Jordan Palin, who did well with the Peterborough Panthers. Tom Brennan also played a role in Speedway of Nations.

A spokesperson for the league admitted in an interview with that he believes in developing younger players and that giving youngsters a chance to gain experience is very valuable for the sport. Number 8 players can join the competition for a spot on the team and over time they can add more and more value to their teams.

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