It looks like WhatsApp is on the verge of getting rid of one of its major ailments. Namely, it will allow you to login from multiple smartphones at the same time. There is another benefit to this.

WhatsApp is a messenger in a paradoxical way. On the other hand, he has a record-breaking and ever-growing audience, and the counting is in progress More than 2 billion peopleOn the other hand, often So it lacks the usual functions.

What has been the standard for a contest like Telegram for years, Meta’s app takes pain, great examples of emoji reactions or editing sent messages. Well, he still gets it and now it’s time to make up for another big shortfall.

WhatsApp: one account, two phones

As the WABetaInfo website reports, the login system has come under the control of programmers, as a result of which it will be enabled soon. Simultaneous use of any account On at least two different phones. No need to carry the main device with you at all times, but with complete synchronization of threads and files transferred, and in real time.

It is known that WhatsApp has been testing the model extensively since the end of 2021 multi deviceIt is, above all, an opportunity independent conversation on a computer or tablet. However, the appearance of a second smartphone in this puzzle is something new. Of course, at least for WA itself, because the competition is different.

It is noteworthy that the thread of two smartphones is interesting because it also requires synchronization encryption keys. However, in such a case, the migration to a new device will also be facilitated.

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Anyone who has moved a WhatsApp account with its content knows very well how confusing it can be. Especially on the Android-iOS line and vice versa. There is hope that things will be settled, although unfortunately it is not known when. At the moment, the news traces are only visible in the beta channel versions. But we are waiting.

Image source: BigTunaOnline / Shutterstock

Text source: WABetaInfo, ed. king