Ukrainian Silesian Education Forum – Conference with the participation of Tomash Rzymkovsky, Minister of State at MEiN

June 21 2022

Deputy Minister Tomash Rzymkovsky participated in the Ukrainian Silesian Education Forum. The conference was devoted to the situation of refugees in the Olinsky district and the development of a model for cooperation in the field of education.

Representatives of state and local authorities and the Katowice Education Board participated in the Ukrainian Silesian Education Forum. During the conference, the situation of refugees in Olensky province was discussed, with special emphasis on the situation in education. The event was an opportunity to analyze the educational prospects of Ukrainian students in the region.

The Ministry of Education and Science was represented by MEiN Secretary of State Tomasz Rzymkowski, who read a letter from the MEiN President addressed to participants in the Ukrainian Silesian Education Forum in Chorzów. In his message, the Minister of Education and Science emphasized that the conference participants were having a discussion on an extremely important issue in the context of the upcoming summary of the school year: – These are very important and recent issues, especially in the context of the summary of the ending school year and the presentation of plans for 2022/2023 – he wrote.

Minister Przemyslav Ksarnik emphasized that the flexible model for admission of children from Ukraine to schools did not disturb the process of education of Polish children: – We have developed a system for admission of Ukrainian children and youth to Polish schools and educational institutions. It allowed, inter alia, to accept more than 22 thousand students in almost three thousand Silesian institutions in such a way as not to disturb the educational process of Polish children.

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The MEiN chief added that it is also important to cooperate with local governments in the field of monitoring the situation in schools, as well as adapting buildings for educational purposes, organizing working time in the school and adapting content and curricula to the needs of the new. the students.

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