More than 13,000 people have signed a petition against reduced support for teaching German as a minority language. Today (8.03), representatives of, among others, parents, the Youth Federation of the German Minority and the Federation of German Social and Cultural Associations in Poland submitted their protest to the Ministry of Education and Science.

– We do not agree with reducing the number of German language hours with such behavior of our government – says Agnieszka Kała, principal of the private primary school in Grodzisk in Strzelce County.

– The petition was signed online by 9807 people, and in the paper version by 3415 – confirms.

Let us add that a group of parliamentarians continued parliamentary control of the Ministry of Education. – We have applied to Minister Czarnik to cancel the regulation on reducing financial support for teaching German – says Richard Gall, deputy for the German minority.

– Character in the amount of 8 pages of the application is practically half a page and the rest justify. He added that a huge justification based on a few hours of our control, but also our opinion.

Let’s remember that support for learning German was reduced this year by about 20 million PLN, and next year by about 50 million PLN. It was reduced as a result of an amendment to the state budget by Janusz Kowalski, a member of Poland Solidarity. Funds are deducted to support the education of the Polish language in Germany.