Netflix hints that the platform is full of movies and series with Ukrainian dubbing – we suggest how to find them, as well as how to change the language of the site.

Search engine for movies and series by language on Netflix

Netflix makes it really easy to find content in a specific audio language (voiceover and dubbing), as well as subtitle in a specific language. In the current situation, it can be useful to find TV series and movies in Ukrainian, so we suggest how to do it step by step:

  • Importance! This search engine works in the Netflix browser version
  • To use it, go to the address or
  • In the drop-down menus, you can also change the filtering method – by subtitle language or audio language, unfortunately it is impossible to find titles with only dubbing / voiceover
  • An additional sort option allows you to display titles by recommendation, year of production, titles A to Z or Z to A
  • To be able to easily return to the titles found, add to “My List” – the “Plus” button right next to the “Play” button

Ukrainian movies and series with dubbing

I wrote above that it is impossible to find only titles dubbed in a specific language, but Netflix has included in its profiles a list of titles dubbed in Ukrainian:

Ukrainian subtitles on Polish Netflix

Netflix also announced that the Ukrainian language appeared in the Polish version of the site. However, Ukrainian subtitles have been added only to those titles that are currently available to users in Ukraine.

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How to change profile language on Netflix

Changing the language on your Netflix profile is very easy. For this purpose, we go to the address in the browser and, if necessary, log in to the account by entering our data. In the upper right corner, select Account, then click Profiles and Parental Controls to select the profile for which we will change the language. When we select our option, click on “Language” and then “Change”. Then select Ukrainian (Український) in the list. By the way, we can change the languages ​​in which the subtitle and audio options are displayed.

What movies and series are available on Netflix in Ukrainian?

The Upflix search engine shows that as many as 1,423 titles have Ukrainian subtitles right now on Netflix, so this offer is pretty wide. You can see it under this Link on (easier to browse, without logging in), but here you will find them Listed on Netflix. In the case of audio, we cannot separate the voiceover from the dubbing, the total number of titles in Ukrainian audio is currently 134 (link UpflixAnd the Netflix link).

Remember that Netflix can set up local versions of series and movies with a specific region in mind, and it will be easier to transfer your subtitled content. In the case of purchased titles, transferring the license is a bit more difficult, because movies and series do not belong to Netflix and specific versions/releases of these products are prepared with a specific location in mind.

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