After 158 days on the set of “The Witcher,” the shooting is over. The series was filmed at 15 locations in the UK. 89 cast members and approximately 1,200 crew members participated in the production.

“the magician”. New behind the scenes video. What will happen in the second season?

A special article was published on social media summarizing the work on the second season set “the magician”. Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich proudly tells of her course. You can also see rave stars and production crew.

You can also read in the description of the series: Convinced that Yennefer died in the Battle of Sudden Hill, Geralt from Rivia takes Princess Cyrilla to the safest place he knows – his childhood home in Cair Morehn. As kings, elves, humans and demons fight behind her walls for control of the continent, Geralt must protect the girl from something more dangerous: the mysterious force hidden within the princess.

Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Alan, and Joy Patti will re-cast. There will also be new faces: Yassine Ator as Quinn, Agnes as Born in Verena, Paul Pollion as Lambert, Basil Edenbens as Escale, Ayesha Fabian Ross as Lydia, Messia Simpson as Francesca and Kim Bodnia as Vismere. Fans Games of Thrones Christopher Hefjo, best known for his role as Turmond, who will play Nevillin in “The Witcher,” will definitely be delighted.

“the magician”. When will we watch the new episodes of the series?

The Witcher is a series based on a series of fictional books by Andrzej Sapkowski. Netflix Season 2 directors are Stephen Surjik (“The Umbrella Academy”), Sarah Ogorman (“The Cursed”), Ed Bazalgette (“Fall of the Kingdom”), and Louise Hooper (“The Scarmer”). For now, the exact release date of the series is unknown. However, the producers confirmed that the next part of Geralt of Rivia’s adventures is expected in 2021.