Twenty Russian warships set sail for the Baltic Sea on Monday. Units in several tactical groups perform tasks as part of anti-ship and anti-aircraft defense. The Russians are holding exercises at a time of heightened tensions with the West over Ukraine, Reuters reports.

The Russian Navy said in a statement on Monday that “20 ships and units of the Baltic Fleet have left their permanent locations and sailed to designated areas in order to carry out missions as part of combat preparations.”

Ships in several tactical groups perform tasks as part of anti-ship and anti-aircraft defense, as well as protection against mines for units.

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“A series of naval exercises will be held in January and February to check the readiness of the naval and air forces to protect Russian national interests in the global ocean, as well as to counteract military threats to the Russian Federation from the sea and ocean. RIA Novosti reported.

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Last Thursday the Ministry of Defense Russia Naval exercises announced from It includes 140 ships, more than 60 aircraft and 10,000 military, which will be implemented in January and February in the Mediterranean, the North Sea and Okhotsk, and in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Russian ships in the Baltic

Reuters notes that Russian maneuvers in the Baltic Sea are taking place at a time when tensions are rising between Russia and the West over Ukraine.

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The Russian authorities have warned that they will “respond appropriately” if the United States sends them Additional forces on the eastern flank of NATO. The New York Times reported that if tension escalates, their number could rise to 50,000.

So far, the efforts of the United States and Western countries to appeal to Russia to withdraw its forces gathered on the border with Ukrainedid not work.

On Monday, NATO announced that “NATO forces are on alert and deployed.” Additional ships and fighters for bases in Eastern Europe, thus strengthening Allied deterrence and defense as Russia continues to build forces around Ukraine.”

Russian forces near UkrainePAP / Reuters / Maciej Zieliński

Bab, Reuters, RIA Novosti

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