Volodymyr Zelensky / Instagram photo

Ukraine’s Pravda portal quoted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as saying on Saturday that the destruction of Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol would be the end of negotiations with Russia.

Commenting on the course of talks with Russia, Zelensky said, “Maripol can be like ten Borodzian girls and I would say that the destruction of our soldiers, our boys, will stop all negotiations.” by Ukrainian Pravda, It ended in a dead end after the discovery of victims of Russian aggression in Bokza and Borodzyanka.

“A dead end – because we do not trade in the territory and our people. The more Borodzian women there are, the more difficult it will be” – added the head of state.

The president reported that talks were underway to help the Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol, but that the Russians were demanding that they surrender.

Zelenskiy also said in an interview with Ukrainian media that The willingness to become the guarantor of Ukraine’s security has been demonstrated by the UK, USA, Poland and Turkey, but – he added – there is no definitive answer from any of these countries. He speculated that the European Union would express such a willingness separately. (PAP)


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