Eurovision 2021 – to be hosted on stage in Rotterdam

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We are behind the second semi-final of Eurovision 2021. See the representatives of the countries that will fight to win the final.

The second semi-final was held on May 20 Eurovision 2021. Some of the shows were surprising, others very surprising, but it was the viewers who decided by their votes to compete for the main prize in the upcoming final. Here are the 10 countries that have a chance to win this year’s Eurovision Vision.

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Eurovision 2021. These countries have reached the final

17 countries, including Poland, participated in the second semi-finals of Eurovision 2021. Here are the countries that advanced to the final (in random order):

  1. Switzerland – Tears of Jeon
  2. Bulgaria – Victoria
  3. Iceland – Dadi & Gagnamagnid
  4. Greece – Stefania
  5. Finlandia – blind channel
  6. San Marino – Syndicate and Flo Reda
  7. Portogalia – The Black Mamba
  8. Serbia – hurricane
  9. Albania – Angela Peristeri
  10. Moldova – Natalia Jordenko

The countries that did not reach the finals are: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Austria and Poland.

The final of the Eurovision 65th Song Contest will take place on Saturday, May 22nd. It will be available at 21:00 on TVP1.

Eurovision 2021. What happened in the first semi-final?

The first semi-finals of Eurovision 2021 took place on Tuesday. At that time, 16 countries presented themselves on stage in Rotterdam. Teams from Malta, Cyprus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Azerbaijan and Belgium qualified for the Grand Final.

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Let us remind you that the finals will also include the Big Five: Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain and Italy. These are the countries that pay the highest membership fees for the European Broadcasting Union.

Traditionally, event stars have gone crazy in wardrobe. Some artists turned to the classics, but most chose modern, sometimes very strange solutions. There were interesting feathers, wings, and hood.

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