Magdalena Młynarska and Sofiia Lantsova from FAMM Design studio redesigned the boutique concept. Designers used expressive colors, but in a muted gradient version. Products should play a major role in the interior.

A duo of designers has created a conceptual design for a clothing boutique. The interior is spacious and simple. The kidney is kept in delicate candy colors. The space designed in this way can successfully accommodate a restaurant or bar. There is white epoxy resin on the floor, which has been combined with the iconic terrazzo. The floor is crisscrossed with rose gold decorative strips. The interior is ruled by a gradient – the luminous floor gradually penetrates the dark ceiling. The effect is achieved by accessing lighting that illuminates selected parts of the interior.

The walls were completely covered with large size wallpaper. Fitting rooms are designed behind an engraved cash register and made of gypsum board. The rooms are finished with shiny decorative plaster with a coarse texture.

The exposed floor is a big plus. Some hangers are installed on the walls and ceiling, thanks to which the floor is not cluttered with unnecessary furniture and is easy to clean. Metal hangers indicate the color of the slats embedded in the floor.

Decorative compositions of dry herbs and leaves were hung from the ceiling. Similar fixtures are separated by mirrors installed symmetrically on both sides of the room. The interior is illuminated by pendant lamps, white bars and Acform wall lamps.

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Source: AQForm