Since cyclists constitute an increasing number of city street users, the arrangement of parking spaces for these vehicles must be aesthetically attractive, but above all legible and safe for all road users. Flowcrete experts provide examples of inspiring flooring projects where colorful Deckshield parking paint have been used to graphically separate bicycle space.

Bicycle traffic areas in a contrasting color

The easiest way to separate places for cyclists is to make a horizontal mark on the ground in the form of clear symbols, preferably in combination with contrasting colors. In the modern Warsaw Unit office building, located on the Daszyńskiego Roundabout in Warsaw (designed by Polsko-Belgijska Pracownia Architektury Projekt), the bicycle traffic areas, such as the poles, are orange. This solution increases visibility from the point of view of motorists, and thus increases the safety of all parking users.

Hidden road signs reinforced with symbols on the walls

Another solution used, for example, when bicycle parking spaces are off the beaten path, outside the main traffic routes, is the use of precise horizontal markings on the ground, reinforced with symbols drawn on the vertical surfaces. This solution was used, among others, in the Q22 office buildings in Warsaw (designed by Kuryłowicz & Associates) and Argon, in the Alchemia complex in Gdańsk (designed by APA Wojciechowski). Carefully designed graphic signage can be seen on the walls from a distance, making the parking space perceived as an aesthetic and friendly place for two-wheelers.

A space dedicated exclusively to bicycles

The growing popularity of the bicycle as a means of communication between commuters in the city center is also evidenced by the fact that the most prestigious office buildings have dedicated spaces with a complete infrastructure – changing rooms, changing rooms and showers. Ideally, these areas should be on the ground floor, near the entrance to the building, so that cyclists do not have to use the ramps and motorways. This solution was used, among others, in the Warsaw Center (designed by AMC – Andrzej M. Chołdzyński).

Small car parks – optimum use of space outside the vehicular traffic area

In newly constructed multi-family apartment buildings, due to the small amount of parking space, arranging a space for bicycles often presents a significant design challenge. In such cases, smart solutions are useful to optimize the use of all available space. In investing the heart of Zajezdni Wrzeszcz in Gdansk, PPUH ARPI Sp. z oo, bike hangers were installed on the walls and this area was visually separated from the road for cars by using the parking floor in a lighter shade and the installation of reflective-coloured poles.

Deckshield parking floors are made of solvent-free polyurethane resin and quartz sand. It has high mechanical strength and chemical resistance to typical substances found on the surface of parking lots, such as fuels, automobile running fluids and de-icing salt components. It is flexible and water resistant. These coatings not only protect the concrete substrate from external factors, but also increase the functionality and safety of the garage. The quartz sand content gives them a non-slip surface, and the assorted colors allow for clear marking of pedestrian routes, parking and communications spaces as well as bicycle areas. When choosing the most optimal solutions in this area, it is worth using the help of experts in resin floors.

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