Wednesday is the second day of the singles shooting tournament at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Once again, some unexpected decisions were made and the candidates said goodbye to the most important sporting event of the summer.

David Less

David Less

Archery in Tokyo 2020

PAP / EPA / Pictured: Archery in Tokyo 2020

Tuesday, incl. Kim Ji-deok, who was the best in the individual ranking role at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The 17-year-old Korean will not win his third Olympic gold medal in the Japanese capital.

And on Wednesday, Japan’s Hiroki Muto shared the fate of the South Korean, who finished fifth in the standings round. Mutu unexpectedly lost in the first round with the Israel representative. Interestingly, Itai Shani not only eliminated the Japanese, but also defeated an opponent from India in the second round, so Shani, who was 60th in the ranking round, is already in the top sixteen Olympics. The Israeli was joined, among others, by Takaharu Furukawa and Marcos D’Almeida. The Japanese, who finished 46th in the standings round, beat Mexican Luis Alvarez in the first round. Brazilian Dalmeida beat Dutchman Schiffan der Berg 7:1 in the second round. Also in the top 16 are Brady Ellison and Kim Woojin, who finished second and fourth in the standings round, respectively.

There were also some unexpected results in the women’s competition. For example, Korea’s Minhee Jang, who finished second in the ranking round and was lost to Japan’s Miki Nakamura, is no longer in the tournament. Another Japanese, who was much higher after Friday’s ranking round, because she was in seventh place, had already lost her chance to win a medal. Azusa Yamauchi lost to Belarusian Hana Marusava in 39th place in the standings round. On the other hand, Mackenzie Brown and Chaeyoung Kang took some victories, and made their way to the top 16 without any issues.

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The next fights for the 1/32 final and 1/16 final in the singles tournaments are scheduled for Thursday. The Poles will also appear on Thursday. Sylwia Zyzańska at 6:50 will play Italy’s Lucilla Puri, Swamier Naboshik at 10:31 against Dutchman Steve Wegler.

Men’s Singles Tournament:
1/32 final:

Dapeng Wang (Chinese) – Sancar Musaev (Kazakhstan) 6:4
Ante Vikström (Finland) 5:6
Hiroki Muto (Japan) – Itai Shani (Israel) 3: 7
Tarundip Ray (Indy) – Oleksiy Hunpin (Ukraine) 6:4
Luis Alvarez (Mexico) beat Takaharu Furukawa (Japan) 3-7
Thomas Cherault (France) – Gijs Broeksma (Netherlands) 4: 6
Patrick Houston (UK) vs Marcos D’Almeida (Brazil) 1:7
Jean-Charles Valladonte (France) won Van der Berg’s sword (Netherlands) 3-7
Pravin Jadhav (India) – Galsan Bazarshapov (Russian Olympic Committee) 6-0
Christmas Minister Timurloui (Iran) – Brady Ellison (US) 0:6
Jyalun Lee (Chinese) – Utgonbold Batarkhoyg (Mongolia) 6:4
Jarno de Smedt (Belgium) vs Yuki Kuata (Japan) 6-2
Jack Williams (US) – Pierre Plehoun (France) 4: 6
Matthias Laszlo Balogh (Hungary) beat Woojin Kim (South Korea) 0: 6

1/16 final:
Dapeng Wang (China) with a score of Khairal Anwar Muhammad (Malaysia) 5: 6
Itay Shani (Israel) – Tarundip Rai (Indy) 6:5
Takaharu Furukawa (Japan) defeated Jess Broxma (Netherlands) 6-5
Marcos Dalmeida (Brazil) – Sjv van der Berg (Netherlands) 7:1
Praveen Jadhav (Indy) – Brady Ellison (US) 0:6
Gillon Lee (Chinese) – Jarno de Smedt (Belgium) 6:5
Pierre Plehoun (France) beat Woojin Kim (South Korea) 2: 6

Women’s Singles Championship:
1/32 final:
Sarah Beatles (UK) beat Valentina Acosta Giraldo (Colombia) 6-4
Naomi Folkard (UK) beat Jiaxin Wu (China) 2:6
Miki Nakamura (Japan) v Marie Horakova (Czech Republic) 6-2
Amal Adam (Egypt) vs. Minhee Jang (South Korea) 0:6
Casey Kovold (USA) vs Ines de Velasco (Spain) 7-3
Nguyen Do Thi Anh (Vietnam) – Rin Hayakawa (Japan) 5:6
Azusa Yamauchi (Japan) – Orantungalaj Bechende (Mongolia) 6:2
Hanna Marusava (Belarus) beat Lisa Unruh (Germany) 6-4
Mackenzie Brown (US) – Charlene Schwartz (Germany) 6-2
Madalina Amaestrui (Romania) – Xiaoqing Long (China) 2:6
Deepika Kumari (India) – Karma (Bhutan) 6:0
Anastasia Pavlova (Ukraine) – Jennifer Mosino-Fernandez (US) 4: 6
Chaeyoung Kang (South Korea) defeated Adriana Espinosa de los Monteros (Ecuador) 6-0.
Veronika Marchenko (Ukraine) – Shen Ying Li (Chinese Taipei) 6:4

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1/16 final:
Sarah Beatles (UK) beat Jiaxin Wu (China) 2:6
Miki Nakamura (Japan) defeated Minhee Jang (South Korea) 6-2
Casey Kovold (US) vs Rin Hayakawa (Japan) 2:6
Azusa Yamauchi (Japan) beat Hana Marosava (Belarus) 0:6
Mackenzie Brown (USA) – Xiao Qinglong (Chinese) 6:0
Deepika Kumari (Indie) – Jennifer Mosino Fernandez (USA) 6:4
Chaeyoung Kang (South Korea) beat Veronika Marchenko (Ukraine) 7-1

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