Tennis players participating in the Wimbledon Grand Slam (June 27 – July 10) will not receive any points for the world rankings – the organization that runs the elite tournaments of the ATP announced. The reason is the exclusion of Russians and Belarusians from the event.

Wimbledon organizers – the All England Lawn Tennis Club – announced at the end of April that due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the support of the territory of Belarus, players of the aggressor countries will not be able to participate in London. This decision was immediately criticized by the ATP and its female counterpart – the WTA.

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“The right of players of any nationality to participate in tournaments on the basis of sporting performance, without discrimination, is at the heart of the Tour. Wimbledon’s decision to exclude Russians and Belarusians undermines this principle and the credibility of the ATP rankings. (…) If conditions do not change, we do not We see another possibility, albeit very unfortunate, of excluding Wimbledon 2022 from the ranking system.”

It was also announced that the points ‘suspension’ does not apply to other UK tournaments this year. “In these weeks, there are events for Russians and Belarusians in other places, other than Wimbledon,” – he explained.

The ATP emphasized that from the very beginning it unconditionally condemned the Russian aggression against Ukraine, which is why it allowed Russians and Belarusians to play only neutral athletes, without the right to present national flags and symbols.

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