On Sunday, the British national team won the World Championships in the MotoGP of Nations. This is the first title for the British since 1989, and it is certainly cause for great pride, satisfaction and long celebration. – I celebrated with my colleagues and friends until the morning. I love this job and am proud to be the UK team manager, and the fact that I do it with my childhood best friends makes it even better, says Oliver Allen, one of the UK team managers.

However, the team led by Simon Stead and Oliver Allen did not have an easy path to gold. In the first final, Tai Woffinden had a dramatic breakdown, preventing the three-time world champion from appearing in the final tournament. He was replaced by a young player who was the king of the track in Manchester in this year’s Premier League competition. Daniel Pioli, after a fantastic season in PGE Ekstraliga, but also in British matches for Belle Vue Aces, contributed to the gold of the United Nations, scoring 11 points and three bonuses beside his name. In addition, after the team was weakened by the absence of Taia Woffinden on the track, Robert Lambert took the role of captain, who scored with the support of the home crowd 20 points with a bonus. In the last round, local players under the bar met with the Polish national team with Bartosz Smárzlyk and Maciej Janowski. In the decisive match, the two-time world champion made a great start, Maciej Janowski, who was driving outside, wanted to join the Gorzów player, but in the second turn, riding next to the ranks, he lost control of the motorcycle and fell on the track. This position meant a victory for the British and eventually the title of world champions. But what is the key to British success?

Good atmosphere, self-confidence and peace. All players, including Dan Bewley, prepared 100% in all respects. We’ve always been focused on winning the competition and that situation hasn’t changed. Ty, Robert, and Dan worked really well together this weekend. Everyone wanted to win so much that cooperation was not a problem for us. After losing Taya, we were still confident. Dunn believes he will do well and we didn’t doubt that either, says Oliver Allen, Britain’s national team manager.

The title won by the British certainly delights motorcycle enthusiasts not only in the UK, as it could somewhat stimulate the British motorway and make more fans interested in the sport, which is also admitted by the director of the national team of this country. I really hope it will raise the profile and improve the situation for the British motorway. I also hope it inspires the next generation of young players, Allen comments.