The second day of riding is behind us. Another group of players appeared on the course. On Sunday, three groups competed for the playoffs.

Michel Bigza

Michel Bigza

Karina Cruz

Getty Images / Ole Jensen / Pictured: Karina Cruz

The second day of competition in the park is behind us. Another qualifying round was held on Sunday. Knights compete in dressage. In it, the rider and the horse introduce specific shapes and steps (walk, trot and boat), and the ability to seamlessly transition between speed and shifting gear.

In Group D, the best was Karina Kroth of Denmark, who won a direct promotion to the Grand Prix with Adrian Lyle of the USA. In turn, Dorothy Schneider (Germany) beat Juliette Rammel (Sweden) in Group E. Isabelle Wirth (Germany) won in Group F, ahead of Charlotte Dujardin (Great Britain).

They were also promoted with the best results from the first and second places: Stephen Peters (USA), Hans-Peter Minderhod (Netherlands), Karl Hester (Great Britain), Rodrigo Torres (Portugal), Nana Mirald (Denmark) and Beatriz Ferrer-Silat (Spain).

The struggle continues on Monday. The Grand Prix Freestyle and teams competition will begin on the top eight teams.

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