Great weather, many attractions and a crowd – that’s what Local Government Adventures with the Flag offered, an outing organized this time in Jedwabny. This is another outing organized by the Chamoa Autonomous Forum in the Lomta Subregion.

Throughout the day, residents could taste delicacies prepared by the clubs of country housewives; Watch experiments conducted by envoys from the Academy of Agricultural Business, or view military equipment. In addition, there was no shortage of cotton candy or slices for the youngest participants. Jidwabny Mayor Adam Neberzidovsky asserts that such initiatives show that normalcy is slowly returning to our social life:

Let’s hope this normality returns forever. We wanted it so much. We really expected to take part in this kind of outdoor event together. We will be able to play, enjoy and integrate. The weather is good, so enjoy it. There is room for everyone here. You can have fun, but also eat something and try out science. This excursion is a promotion of Polish scientific thought, together with the promotion of science and higher education in our region.

The position of the Center for Social Integration in the pomża poviat area also appeared on the promenade in Jedwabne:

We participate in this festival and provide education, knowledge, experiences and fun for the little ones. We also offer a lot of sweets for the elderly, which were prepared by our pupils. We are so glad we can infect our students with science – says Bogusława Domian-Kruszewska, CIS President of the żomża poviat region.

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The Jedwabne picnic was one of 24 science festivals held in the Lomta subregion. All meetings are standardized as “SamoRądowe Przygody z Nauką”. The meetings are organized by منتدىomża Self-Government Forum and جامعةomża Agribusiness University.

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