The entertainment industry is very popular globally. However, the industry was heavily affected by the effect of covid-19, as all services were requested to be closed. At that period theaters and cinemas were shut for nearly a year. The total lockdown decreased the revenue of the entertainment industry leading to the loss of money.


Even the large production industry has to abide by this rule of covid-19 leading to thousands of staff being laid off. The sports entertainment industry in Finland has experienced a vast number of negative impacts during this pandemic. However, one thing you should also understand concerning the entertainment industry during this period of covid-19 lockdown is that many people spend their time streaming services.


In a manner, it boosted the streaming services tremendously. Even people without an idea of what it was before are exploring it now. Due to this, we experience many film studios releasing their top movies on streaming sites. Does the future of the entertainment industry in Finland depend on streaming services? According to Maunu Seppinen here, as our expert in guest post topics, in the past few months, they have experienced a lot and it’s still difficult to determine where the industry is heading to now.

Is Streaming the Future?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people in Finland engaged in different activities such as gaming, gambling on popular casinos like netti casino, and watching entertainment through streaming services. Whether the industry will move all of their entertainment to a streaming platform will likely happen anytime soon.

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At the time of the pandemic, they indicated that it’s much more convenient to stream and watch tv shows instead of attracting customers to cinemas. Due to how easy this method is for customers to finally enjoy entertainment at the comfort of their homes, many people are wondering if streaming services will be the method for the movie industry to launch films in the future.


If the entertainment industry was to continue the use of streaming services in launching their films. It will contribute greatly in reducing the cost the industry spends in arranging films debut physically.

New Customers will Find Streaming More Convenient

If the entertainment industry were to continue implementing streaming services for the launch of new film’s, it would definitely attract the attention of new customers in Finland to utilize their services. Many people find it convenient watching the newly launched movies at home, instead of visiting the cinemas.


Considering the busy schedules that most people have every day, streaming services are a great opportunity for enjoying their favorite shows without hassle. For example, in the past few months, a lot of films have been launched through streaming services and a huge number of people enjoyed this new style of broadcast from the entertainment industry.


Even if this innovation of streaming services from the entertainment industry were to continue, it won’t deprive cinemas and movie theaters of functioning like they do today. There are potential opportunities for the cinemas because the streaming services will enable them to have more chances to reorganize their films and make potential changes.

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Finnish Television will Face Competition from Foreign Providers

Many people in Finland have become comfortable streaming foreign content in the past few months. While the pandemic kept everyone locked indoors, a huge number of people are exploring different foreign content. And the reactions of Finnish people watching foreign content have increased over the past few years. Let’s use the French popular mystery drama titled Lupin as an example, even though this drama is a non-Finnish drama, a huge number of people in Finland were comfortable streaming this content. It indicates that a considerable amount of people in Finland are finding foreign content more comfortable.


The entertainment industry is a very popular industry around the world. However, the industry was heavily affected by the effect of covid-19, as all services were requested to be closed. But these effects have led the industry to the route of making a huge change by implementing alternatives like streaming services.