The crossroads of the mighty Apex Legends and Titanfall are approaching. The first article appeared, as the user introduced the famous Titan on the Battle Royale map. Respawn Entertainment is preparing for the expected event.

In 2014-2016, Respawn Entertainment created two parts of Titanfall, however, the massive popularity and huge success of Apex Legends means we haven’t heard of it. Advertisements Titanfall 3. Meanwhile, American developers delivered a very good Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, complicating the plans of fans who had been hoping for the much-appreciated shooter to return. According to Electronic Arts’ last words, it is The future of the universe to which Apex and the story of Titans depend on the team.

There have always been rumors of shooting fans attending an aerial crosshair. Titans from Titanfall will come to Apex Legends. The event may take place soon, as shown in the material for a whistleblower who introduced Gravity. Biast12 has accessed the files, thanks to which he can summon the first machine to the Battle Royale arena.

The special ability doesn’t give you control over the giant, but it does allow you to use his potential – Titan shoots enemies and explodes after a while. However, we cannot confirm if the final version of the device has been shown.