Thursday’s strict lockdown will become an official reality. The government of Matthews Murawiecki will impose new restrictions to help fight the Coronavirus. Will PGE Ekstraliga start as planned? – It will be difficult – comments by Marta Półtorak.

Only a few days ago, because on Saturday, new restrictions went into effect. This was the government’s response to the third wave of the Coronavirus, which led to a spike in cases of coronavirus. In order for the Polish health service not to collapse, it was necessary to close shopping centers, swimming pools and cultural institutions.

When the government announced the lockdown, the Polish authorities of PGE Ekstraliga and Speedway sent a clear message to the world – the start of the tournament at the beginning of April is not threatening. President Wojciech Stępniewski and President Piotr Szymański adhere to this copy.

However, on Thursday Prime Minister Matthews Morawiecki is set to announce a strict lockdown. As the epidemiological situation worsens, new restrictions will be in place over the weekend. According to unofficial information received from Wirtualna Polska, it is possible, inter alia, to close nurseries and kindergartens, as well as furniture and electronics stores.

Watch the video highway. The Holder brothers commented on the organizational changes in the PGE Ekstraliga

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